17 FREE Turkey Crochet Patterns

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Here are some completely free and link-checked turkey crochet patterns just in time for Thanksgiving! This list is broken into three sections: Amigurumi, Apparel, and Home Decor. There are also recommended products at the end of the article to help get you started! Click on the pattern name to be taken to the original pattern!

Amigurumi Turkeys

1. Gobble Gobble by Hannah at BitterSweet

Image by BitterSweet

This little guy can be made using an F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook. I love the tail on this one. He would make an adorable centerpiece for your Thanksgiving table!

2. Getty the Turkey by Vincent at Knot Bad

Image by Knot Bad

Use a G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook to make this little turkey. Bookend your mantle with two of these little turkeys for adorable Thanksgiving decor.

3. Little Turkey by Krazy Kabbage

Image by Krazy Kabbage

The legs on this turkey are so cute! Use an F/5 (3.75mm) hook for this pattern.

4. Crocheted Turkey by Erica Dietz at 5 Little Monsters

Image by 5 Little Monsters

This beautiful turkey requires a size G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook.

5. Cute Turkey by Teri Crews

Image by Teri Crews

I love the shaping and ornateness of this turkey. It is made using a G/6 hook (4.00mm).

6. Turkey by Jen Hayes Creations

Image by Jen Hayes Creations

This bundled-up turkey can be made using an E/4 hook.

7. Gobble, Gobble by Knot By Gran’ma

Image by Knot By Gran’ma

I included this turkey because of its lifelike shape. This one would make a fabulous tree ornament! You need a size F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook.

8. Thanksgiving Turkey by Petals to Picots

Image by Petals to Picots

I am in love with this turkey! How clever to use granny squares for the tail feathers! I also like that the eyes are crocheted and not simply safety eyes. Use a G/6 (4.00mm) hook.


9. Turkey Gobble Headband by Sara Sach of Posh Pooch Designs

Image by Posh Pooch Designs

This cute turkey face design can be added to any hat or apparel pattern of your choice OR you can use Sara’s fantastic head warmer pattern provided. You will need an I/9 (5.5mm) crochet hook.

10. Turkey Hat by Cream of the Crop Crochet

Image by Cream of the Crop Crochet

This precious baby hat can be made using soft medium weight yarn and a G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook. There are instructions for four different sizes, from 1 pound to 11 pounds.

11. Turkey Hat by The Stitchin’ Mommy

Image by The stitchin’ Mommy

This hat can be made with an H/8 (5.00mm) and I/9 (5.25mm) sized crochet hooks.

Home Decor

12. Turkey Tissue Box Cover with Roasted Veggies by Twinkie Chan

Image by Twinkie Chan

Okay, so I know all of the other patterns I have are live, complete turkeys, but I could not resist including this one. You will need a J/10 (6.00mm), H/8 (5.00mm), and G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook.

13. Thanksgiving Wreath by Highland Hickory Designs

Image by Highland Hickory Designs

I love this wreath!! You will need an I/9 (5.25mm), H/8 (5.00mm), and F/5 (3.75mm) crochet hook.

14. Turkey Lurkey Mug Wrap by Stacey McGraw Designs

Image by Stacey McGraw Designs

This cute cozy has colorful tail feathers on the back. You will need an I/9 (5.5mm) and G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook.

15. Lets Talk Turkey Silverware Holder by Michelle Wilcox/FaveCrafts.com

Image by FaveCrafts.com

These are perfect for hosting Thanksgiving dinner with! You will need a G/6 (4.00mm) hook.

16. Gobble Coaster by Yarn Pixie

Image by Yarn Pixie

These cute coasters can be made quickly with an H/8 (5.00mm) hook.

17. Turkey Napkin Ring and Flatware Holder by Jennifer Pionk at A Crocheted Simplicity

Image by Jennifer Pionk at A Crocheted Simplicity

Here is an option for adorable napkin holders that will be quick to make up! You will need an I/9 (5.5mm) and G/6 (4.00mm) crochet hook.

Relevant Product Recommendations

That’s it! I hope you enjoyed this list of cute turkeys to crochet. Happy Thanksgiving!

Free Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

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This is a round-up of high-quality crochet patterns of adorable dinosaurs. The first section of patterns is amigurumi dinos. The second section is of other dino-themed patterns. Links are in titles!

Amigurumi Dinos

1. Dexter the Dinosaur by The Magic Loop

Image by The Magic Loop

This adorable dinosaur is about 7″ tall and 13″ long. You will need a 4mm crochet hook to make it.

2. Brachiosaurus by Spin a Yarn

Image by Spin a Yarn

This cute kawaii cuddler is about 12″ across and 8″ tall. You will need a 3.25mm hook. I love the way the head wraps around on this guy.

3. Mr. Pistachio the Dinosaur by Ezgi

Image by Ezgi

This adorable dinosaur requires a 3mm crochet hook. Scroll down the article linked above for an English translation of the pattern.

4. Tiny T-Rex by Kristel

Image by Kristel

This pattern is a free Ravelry download that requires a 4mm hook. This precious dino reminds me of Yoshi in Mario Kart.

5. Amigurumi Dinosaur by Amigurumi Today

Image by Amigurumi Today

This cute 11″ dino requires a 2mm crochet hook and super fine acrylic yarn. I love the colors she uses. They really make this dino baby-friendly.

6. Baby Dinosaur by Ami Amour

Image by Ami Amour

Don’t want to make a large toy? Try this little 5″ baby. The pattern requires a 5mm crochet hook. Scroll down the article linked above for the pattern. You will need to start by crocheting the open mouth head that is also linked in the article.

7. Tiny Dinosaur by Green Fox Farms Designs

Image by Green Fox Farms Designs

Here is another small dino pattern. I love the cute simplicity of it. You will need a 4mm hook (G) to make this dino.

8. Dino Papik Amigurumi by Papik

Image by Papik

How about making this unique little guy? The glasses and sitting position set this one apart from the rest. It is a free Ravelry pattern with both an English and Spanish version. You will need a 3.0 mm hook.

9. Desk dinos by Irene Strange

Image by Irene Strange

Here is another free Ravelry download. This pattern requires a 3.5 mm crochet hook. I love that there are three different species in this: the brontosaurus, stegosaurus, and triceratops. I find the way she designed the crown (?) on the triceratops to be very clever.

10. Mini Polly the Pterodactyl by The C’s of Life

Image by The C’s of Life

I love that this pattern is floppy and rag doll-like. This pterodactyl is about 5″ tall with a 7″ wingspan. The author even has a hashtag you can use to share your finished product!

Other Dino Patterns

11.Dino Beanie by Cascade Yarns

Image by Cascade Yarns

This children’s hat pattern is downloadable. You need sport wool yarn and both H and G crochet hooks.

12. Dinosaur Hat by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Image by Maria’s Blue Crayon

This incredible hat fits a child with a head circumference of about 20″. If you wanted to make a larger one, try following her block pattern with another beanie pattern in your desired size. You will need a K and J size crochet hook.

13. What the Dino Saw Beanie by Jezebear Designs

Image by Jezebear Designs

I love that the designer of this hat used a shaded green yarn. It creates a scaly effect that is perfect for a dinosaur. You need DK weight yarn and a 4.5 mm hook for this hat.

14. Bernet Dino Tail Snuggle Sack by Bernat

Image by Bernat

You need a J and M crochet hook or size needed to obtain gauge and baby blanket yarn. This tail blanket is designed to fit children ages 4-8. It has an approximate circumference of 47″ and length of 50″ (about 4 ft.). Where can I find one in an adult size??

15. Dinosaur Pajama Eater by MB Stitches

Image by MB Stitches

Make this adorable pajama eater for your kiddo’s next sleepover. You will use a size 4(G) and size 5(H) hook. You will also want to grab some soft baby blanket yarn. This pajama eater might just be cuddlier than their pajamas!

16. Dinosaur Stocking by Yarn Hook Needles

Image by Yarn Hook Needles

Just in time for the holidays! Crochet your dino lover a new scaly stocking for the mantle. You will need a 5.5mm hook, though I am sure this can be adjusted up or down as long as you are okay with slightly different gauge/size results.

17. Dinosaur Granny Square Blanket by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Image by Maria’s Blue Crayon

Here is another fantastic pattern by Maria’s Blue Crayon. This blanket will be about 40″x48″ if you use the same yarn weight and hooks. The hooks that Maria uses are the J/6.00mm hook, the G/4.00mm hook, and the C/2.75mm hook. You can always apply the dino appliqués to your own favorite blanket pattern to make a one of a kind dino blanket.

18. Dino Backpack by A Crafty Concept

Image by A Crafty Concept

This adorable dino backpack requires a 4.0mm and 5.00mm crochet hook. The author of the pattern gives very detailed instructions as well as a video tutorial.

19. Dinosaur Hooded Sweater by Kitty’s Kreations Boutique

Image by Kitty’s Kreation Boutique

The link above is for a 5/6T sweater. There is also a 3/4T pattern here. Both patterns require a size K hook. Access other great patterns at Kitty’s Kreation Boutique here.

20. Dino Puppet by Krawka

Image by Krawka

I am in love with this puppet! The pattern has an English translation under the original Polish pattern. You will need a 3.00mm hook. I cannot wait to crochet this to use at my teaching job! What a fun dino.

Okay! That’s it. Comment below if you try any of these dino patterns out and let me know how it goes! Happy crocheting!

10 Reasons Why You Should Start Crocheting

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Whether you have never once even considered picking up a crochet hook, you used to crochet but that was two decades ago, or you have been meaning to try it for a while now, this post is for you.

I learned to crochet basic stitches from a friend back in middle school. At the time, I didn’t really get into it. Looking back on it, I think the biggest reason was simply because I didn’t want to feel like a copycat or shadow of my very talented friend. I have since let go of such silly pride and fully plunged into a love for crochet. For the past few years, I have learned how to crochet dishcloths, amigurumi (stuffed animals or objects), headbands, pillow covers, etc. There is still SO much for me to learn and do with crochet.

Here are the reasons YOU should try crochet:

1. Crochet is an inexpensive hobby

Unless you are buying the finest yarns and crochet hooks money can buy, crochet is a relatively inexpensive hobby. I can find skeins of yarn on sale or clearance at craft stores or walmart for as low as $2. That same skein can make multiple items (if you are not making a large item like a blanket).

2. Crochet is easy to learn

When it comes down to it, crochet is essentially just making loops on a stick. Yes, there are some more complicated stitches out there. No, you do not have to do them when you first start (or ever, really, if you don’t want to!).

3. Tutorials, tips, and tricks on crochet are VERY accessible

The internet provides MANY crochet tutorials and information to help you learn and grow in the skill. When I tried to get back into crochet in high school, there were few options on YouTube to learn how. Now, there are so many online resources to teach you how. One great thing about watching a video tutorial is that you can pause or slow down the speed according to your pace!

If you are not an online learner, it is very likely you know someone or can find someone in your community that can sit down with you and show you the basics. It is very likely they would be thrilled to teach you. If they enjoy doing it, they would enjoy sharing it with you!

4. Crochet skill requirements are tiered

If something is tiered, it means that there are steady levels from easy to difficult. When you first start out in crochet, you use basic, easy stitches. These simple stitches don’t keep you from making fun, beautiful items though. As you advance, you can move on to increasingly more advanced stitches or items. The best part is, this is at your pace. If you want to take 10 years before you learn a new stitch, you can. There is also an endless amount that you can learn and master.

5. Crochet complements any personality or lifestyle

You pick the colors. You pick the item you create. It is your design according to your tastes and interests.

Are you girly and traditional like I am? You might like to crochet pretty headwarmers with flowers on it or a cute otter stuffed animal.

Do you love sports? You might like to crochet a football pillow or basketball coasters.

Are you an avid gardener or plant-lover? Crochet floral garland or succulents.

Nerdy about something? Crochet a Death Star pillow or a Pokemon coffee cozy.

6. Crochet is therapeutic

Sitting down with a ball of yarn and making something beautiful with your hands does wonders for anxiety and confidence. AND, unlike a lot of things in life, if you make a mistake, you simply undo it! All it takes is pulling on the string. No harm, no foul. This security allows you to fully dive into the hobby without worrying about messing up your whole project.

7. There are limitless things to create

Just like there is an endless amount of crochet skills to learn, there are also endless items that you can create. You will never reach a point in the crochet hobby where you stop and say, “I do not have anything to crochet. I have crocheted every pattern out there.” Crochet is an art. There are so many spins on the same item. For example, if you search for teddy bear patterns online, you will find countless variations of the same toy. You yourself can then make it your own by changing the colors of the yarn or designing your own pattern.

8. Crochet allows you to make beautiful, meaningful gifts

I hardly ever crochet things for myself. I spend most of my crocheting time making stuffed animals for my nieces and nephews, dishcloths for newlyweds, or apparel for my mom or sisters. The fact that these gifts are handmade and often original designs make them more meaningful to give and (I hope) more meaningful to receive. I didn’t just go to a store and buy something cute. I spent time, creativity, and energy to make a gift just for them.

9. You can sell items you create

This is one aspect of crochet that I am beginning to work on. Now, some people might say that it is not worth your time to sell crocheted items. Why? Let’s say you spend five hours making a teddy bear. Most people wouldn’t spend more than $20 on a teddy bear (at least in my area), so this is what you sell it for. This means that you made $4/hour on the teddy bear. For me, this isn’t an issue. If I spend an hour on my hobby, I am happy to make any amount of money, even if it is only $4. So for me, I don’t look at it from an hourly rate perspective. I think it is neat you can make some money from a hobby you love. You have to decide if you feel selling is worth your time.

10. Crochet is FUN

Last, but certainly not least, crochet is fun! There is nothing like taking a ball of string and turning it into something adorable, useful, or both! I love the way the yarn feels and the rhythmic work of the crochet hook in my hands.

Okay, that’s it! Comment below if you have any other reasons why more people should pick up a crochet hook!

FREE Pumpkin Crochet Patterns

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Just in time for Fall!! This a round-up of some free crochet pumpkin patterns. There are so many free pumpkin patterns out there. I have sought to gather a fair representation of the different styles of crocheted pumpkins out there.

Disclosure: the following patterns and images are NOT mine. Please credit the original pattern author per their wishes. Thank you!

1. Pumpkin Kawaii Cuddler by 3amgracedesigns.

Image by 3amgracedesigns

I love 3amgracedesigns. They have a “signature look” in their Kawaii Cuddlers. The two-tone stem/leaf looks especially fantastic on this pumpkin. You will need a size H crochet hook to make this cuddly guy.

2.Medium Crochet Pumpkin by Crochet 365|Knit too.

Image by Crochet 365|Knit too

This beautiful pumpkin requires a 4.00 mm hook. The blog also contains several other pumpkin patterns if you like this designer.

3. Pumpkin Amigurumi by StringyDingDing.

Image by StringyDingDing

These cuties require a 4.00 mm hook. The shape is made by sewing through the pumpkin and pulling the string. If you want the smiling face, you will need 8mm safety eyes and black embroidery thread.

4. Striped Pumpkin by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.

Image by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts

This pattern requires a 6.00 mm hook. I included this pattern because of the unique striped design. This pumpkin can have more of an exotic and dynamic look than the traditional solid-colored pumpkin.

5.Pumpkin Pot by Hooked on Patterns.

Image by Hooked on Patterns

This little pumpkin is decorative AND functional! Use chunky yarn and a 6.00 mm hook for similar results as the designer.

6. Caron Harvest Crochet Pumpkins by Yarnspirations.

Image by Yarnspirations

The pattern for these small, medium, and large sized pumpkins can be downloaded from the site. The pattern is completely free; however, the site allows you to buy yarn to make your pumpkins with. I personally love Caron Simply Soft yarn. It feels so luxurious.

A size H crochet hook is used with this pattern.

7. Crochet Pumpkins That Look Knit by Malloo Knits.

Image by Malloo Knits

These pumpkins are about 3×2 inches and require a size H crochet hook. They truly do look knit!

8. Small Autumn Pumpkins by ohuchi takako.

Image by ohuchi takako

This free revelry pattern says it needs both a 2.00 mm and 2.35 mm hook for different parts of the pattern. The original pattern is in Japanese, which may be why a 2.35 mm hook is called for. I personally have never heard of a 2.35 mm size hook. I would just try the whole thing with my 2.25 mm (B) hook.

9. Textured Pumpkin Pouch by Jackie Clarke-Rodriguez.

Image by Jackie Clarke-Rodriguez

This pouch is so unique. The leaf garland at the opening/top is beautiful. Use it as a pouch for little treats or just put fiberfill in and close it off. Grab a 5.0 mm (H) and a 4.0 mm (G) hook for this pattern.

10. Mini Pumpkin by Handy Little Me.

Image by Handy Little Me

I love that the designer of this pattern shows several ways to use these petite little pumpkins. My favorite use is pictured above- garland! She also shows how they can be used as name card holders.

This pattern uses a 4mm hook and medium weight yarn.

And that’s it! I hope you have found the pumpkin pattern you were looking for! Happy crocheting!

Free Pig Crochet Patterns

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This pattern round-up is inspired by my family’s BBQ restaurant. I have decided to make some little piggies to sell there as merchandise! Here are some of my favorite free crochet patterns that I have found. This post is split into 3 sections: clothing, stuffed/amigurumi toys, and other piggy items. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own the patterns or images shown in this post. If you use or copy the patterns below, please credit the original owners of said patterns per their wishes. Thank you!

Piggy Clothing

1. Piggy Baby Booties by Croby Patterns.

Photo owned by Croby patterns.

Who doesn’t love some cute baby booties? This is the first piggy crochet project I am working on. You need cotton yarn and an E4 hook to start. To assemble you will need a yarn needle, some white thread, and safety eyes.

2. Pig Hat by Repeat Crafter Me.

Photo owned by Repeat Crafter Me.

This pig is a cute project to start as Fall is approaching! What I LOVE about this pattern is that it comes in SIX sizes- from infant to adult! You will need two shades of pink yarn, a size H crochet hook, some black yarn, white thread, buttons for the eyes, and a yarn needle.

3. Pretty Pig Headband by Hopeful Honey (Olivia).

Image by Hopeful Honey.

This is a cute head warmer to crochet before it gets cold! You need a 4.5 mm/size 7 crochet hook to make this headband.

Stuffed /Amigurumi Pigs

4. Plush Pig by Irina Podolyuk, translated by Amiguroom Toys, and published by Amigurumi Crochet.

This pattern is super straightforward and great for an Amigurumi beginner. Use plush yarn and a 4.5 mm/ size 7 crochet hook. You will also need a yarn needle, some black yarn, fiberfill, and safety eyes to assemble this huggable piggy.

5. Crochet Pig Doll by Fukurou Crafts.

Image by Fukurou Crafts.

The body on this 6″ doll is adorable. The legs are worked into the round of the body, so no sewing them on separately!

Gather two shades of pink yarn, black yarn, a 1.8 mm crochet hook, fiberfill, safety eyes, and a yarn needle to make this pig.

I used a 2.25 mm (size B) crochet hook instead and the result was a 8.5″ doll instead of 6″ as the original is supposed to be. I love the result!

6. Dress Up Pigs and Dress and Vest by Amigurumi To Go (Sharon Ojala).

Image by Amigurumi To Go.

These fashionable pigs are 10.5″ tall. The first link is for the pig dolls themselves, while the second link will take you to the patterns for their clothing. The creator of these patterns is very detailed and has full video tutorials as well if you need more guidance. You will need a 4.5 mm/size 7 hook or smaller for both patterns.

7. Mini Pigs by Furls Crochet (Brenna Eaves).

Image by Furls Crochet.

Don’t let the name fool you. These are large amigurumi toys. The “mini” refers to the type of pig, not the size of the crochet product, and the author says the results are close to life-sized!

To makes these beauties, you will need a G (4.0 mm) or G+ (4.5 mm) crochet hook and bulky yarn. Make sure you know how to do color changes (unless you would like to do a solid piggy) and all the stitches listed before you start.

8. Mini Pig by Amy’s Crochet Cave.

Image by Amy’s Crochet Cave.

Now THIS is an actual mini crochet toy. As you can see in the image, this toy stands about 3.5 cm tall (about 1.4 inches). This is a quick, easy make. You will need a 3 mm crochet hook.

I personally do not have a 3 mm hook, so I will be trying this with a 3.5 mm. If there are large gaps, I will switch to a 2.25 mm. Just remember, if you change the crochet hook gauge, expect slight differences in size and possibly shape.

9. Little Crochet Pigs (ballerinas) by Knitted Story Bears.

Image by Knitted Story Bears.

Have a special little ballerina in your life? This 5″ piggy would be the perfect gift. Besides basic amigurumi materials, you will need sport weight yarn, some tulle for the tutu, and a size 2.5 mm crochet hook.

Other Piggy Items

10. Pig Bookmark by Heart Hook Home.

Image by Heart Hook Home.

My favorite part about this bookmark is the little curly tail! This pattern uses a size G hook. Don’t forget stuffing, black yarn, a yarn needle, and safety eyes for the head.

11. Piggy Bank Tissue Box by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts (Nicole Riley).

Image by Nicki’s Homemade Crafts.

Maybe I should cover one of my numerous tissue boxes (yay allergy season) with this. I think I would leave the legs off for a neater look, but it is super cute either way.

12. Pig Ornament by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things (Kylee).

Image by Okie Girl Bling ‘n’ Things.

This ornament would also make a great appliqué. Just leave off the loop on the top. And if you’re like me and don’t have a hot glue gun, you can embroider eyes on or use beads or safety eyes.

Okay! That’s it! Feel free to let me know if any of the links expire, etc. Thank you and happy crocheting!

Hello world!

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Welcome to my new blog. I will be posting round-ups of free crochet patterns, tips and tricks, and some of my own patterns and crochet experiences. Check back for more! 🙂