10 Reasons Why You Should Start Crocheting

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Whether you have never once even considered picking up a crochet hook, you used to crochet but that was two decades ago, or you have been meaning to try it for a while now, this post is for you.

I learned to crochet basic stitches from a friend back in middle school. At the time, I didn’t really get into it. Looking back on it, I think the biggest reason was simply because I didn’t want to feel like a copycat or shadow of my very talented friend. I have since let go of such silly pride and fully plunged into a love for crochet. For the past few years, I have learned how to crochet dishcloths, amigurumi (stuffed animals or objects), headbands, pillow covers, etc. There is still SO much for me to learn and do with crochet.

Here are the reasons YOU should try crochet:

1. Crochet is an inexpensive hobby

Unless you are buying the finest yarns and crochet hooks money can buy, crochet is a relatively inexpensive hobby. I can find skeins of yarn on sale or clearance at craft stores or walmart for as low as $2. That same skein can make multiple items (if you are not making a large item like a blanket).

2. Crochet is easy to learn

When it comes down to it, crochet is essentially just making loops on a stick. Yes, there are some more complicated stitches out there. No, you do not have to do them when you first start (or ever, really, if you don’t want to!).

3. Tutorials, tips, and tricks on crochet are VERY accessible

The internet provides MANY crochet tutorials and information to help you learn and grow in the skill. When I tried to get back into crochet in high school, there were few options on YouTube to learn how. Now, there are so many online resources to teach you how. One great thing about watching a video tutorial is that you can pause or slow down the speed according to your pace!

If you are not an online learner, it is very likely you know someone or can find someone in your community that can sit down with you and show you the basics. It is very likely they would be thrilled to teach you. If they enjoy doing it, they would enjoy sharing it with you!

4. Crochet skill requirements are tiered

If something is tiered, it means that there are steady levels from easy to difficult. When you first start out in crochet, you use basic, easy stitches. These simple stitches don’t keep you from making fun, beautiful items though. As you advance, you can move on to increasingly more advanced stitches or items. The best part is, this is at your pace. If you want to take 10 years before you learn a new stitch, you can. There is also an endless amount that you can learn and master.

5. Crochet complements any personality or lifestyle

You pick the colors. You pick the item you create. It is your design according to your tastes and interests.

Are you girly and traditional like I am? You might like to crochet pretty headwarmers with flowers on it or a cute otter stuffed animal.

Do you love sports? You might like to crochet a football pillow or basketball coasters.

Are you an avid gardener or plant-lover? Crochet floral garland or succulents.

Nerdy about something? Crochet a Death Star pillow or a Pokemon coffee cozy.

6. Crochet is therapeutic

Sitting down with a ball of yarn and making something beautiful with your hands does wonders for anxiety and confidence. AND, unlike a lot of things in life, if you make a mistake, you simply undo it! All it takes is pulling on the string. No harm, no foul. This security allows you to fully dive into the hobby without worrying about messing up your whole project.

7. There are limitless things to create

Just like there is an endless amount of crochet skills to learn, there are also endless items that you can create. You will never reach a point in the crochet hobby where you stop and say, “I do not have anything to crochet. I have crocheted every pattern out there.” Crochet is an art. There are so many spins on the same item. For example, if you search for teddy bear patterns online, you will find countless variations of the same toy. You yourself can then make it your own by changing the colors of the yarn or designing your own pattern.

8. Crochet allows you to make beautiful, meaningful gifts

I hardly ever crochet things for myself. I spend most of my crocheting time making stuffed animals for my nieces and nephews, dishcloths for newlyweds, or apparel for my mom or sisters. The fact that these gifts are handmade and often original designs make them more meaningful to give and (I hope) more meaningful to receive. I didn’t just go to a store and buy something cute. I spent time, creativity, and energy to make a gift just for them.

9. You can sell items you create

This is one aspect of crochet that I am beginning to work on. Now, some people might say that it is not worth your time to sell crocheted items. Why? Let’s say you spend five hours making a teddy bear. Most people wouldn’t spend more than $20 on a teddy bear (at least in my area), so this is what you sell it for. This means that you made $4/hour on the teddy bear. For me, this isn’t an issue. If I spend an hour on my hobby, I am happy to make any amount of money, even if it is only $4. So for me, I don’t look at it from an hourly rate perspective. I think it is neat you can make some money from a hobby you love. You have to decide if you feel selling is worth your time.

10. Crochet is FUN

Last, but certainly not least, crochet is fun! There is nothing like taking a ball of string and turning it into something adorable, useful, or both! I love the way the yarn feels and the rhythmic work of the crochet hook in my hands.

Okay, that’s it! Comment below if you have any other reasons why more people should pick up a crochet hook!

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